Thorough Examination / LOLER Testing
Essex, London & Kent

Our engineers are qualified to carry out Thorough Examination / LOLER Testing in the Essex, London &Kent areas on the following equipment:

Thorough Examination is the mechanical handling equivalent of the MOT for cars and is intended to:

• establish that the machinery can continue to be operated with safety and without injury to persons; provided that the machinery is operated to the manufacturers recommendations.
• verify that the machinery is operating as it is intended to when lifting and travelling;
• identify defects or weaknesses which could compromise the safe use;
 • specify the time-scales within which identified defects or weaknesses need to be rectified;
• establish that defects identified in the pervious report of Thorough Examination have received attention;
• assess the correct function of all safety devices;
• check that warning notices are correctly fixed and legible;
• where necessary specify any limitation on the use of the machinery

A Thorough Examination is a mandatory check that is required by law to ensure that the mechanical parts of your lifting equipment are in safe working order at least once a year, if personnel are being lifted a Thorough Examination must be carried out at least every six months.

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