Forklift Truck Driver Training
Essex, London & Kent

Forklift truck operators must be trained to use the specific type of truck they will be driving on-site and hold valid certification, as stated by the Health and Safety at Work act 1974.

Thurrock Fork Lift Trucks Ltd is an forklift driver training provider with over 20 years experience providing forklift driver training in the Essex, London & Kent areas. Forklift driver training courses are essential for any business wanting highly skill & efficient employees operating forklift trucks to the best safe working practices in the industry.

Forklift trucks are the backbone of industry across the UK and professionally trained highly skilled staff are always in high demand. Leading to companies wanting to retain the best forklift drivers and providing training to staff demonstrating a willingness to continually improve their knowledge & skills. Fully trained forklift drivers will be more adept with operating forklift trucks helping companies negate risks and provide greater business efficiency.

The experience & expertise of Thurrock Fork Lift Trucks Ltd will be beneficial to any business dedicated to workplace safety & efficiency.
All training is carried out on-site, during training sessions trainees will build & gain experience & confidence on the same forklifts they will have to use everyday once their training has been completed.

The following Forklift Driver Training Courses are available for Counterbalance Forklifts & Reach Trucks:
Full Forklift Driver Training Course - for trainees who have no previous or acceptable license.
Refresher Forklift Driver Training Course - for drivers who have proof of a previous license that needs to be renewed.

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